We believe that a partnership is a covenant relationship and has two sides of responsibility. As the Philippians supported Paul with their prayers and financial giving, God allowed them to share in Paul's victories, to enjoy his rewards, and "partake" of the grace of God poured out on him.
     Why does ATWM need partners? ATWM is an outreach to people groups around the world. This is made possible largely by the financial support and prayers of our partners. The vision God has given us is to train up the saints to do the work of the ministry, and to do this, your support is needed to take the Word of God and teaching materials free of charge to the people who so desperately need it.
     When you partner with ATWM, you not only help the ministry but you also invest in yourself. Your financial gifts will help train and educate young pastor's around the world. It will also help us to take the Gospel to people through evangelism. By contributing financially to this ministry, you are an invaluable part of spreading the Gospel to many thousands worldwide.



To make a donation by check, please make your checks payable to "All The World Missions, Inc." and mail it to All The World Missions, Inc.  76 Cary Street,  Grottoes  VA  24441  United States of America.


The best way to send donations from other countries is via Western Union.  They will need to know the name "Paul Clamp" and the address "76 Cary Street,  Grottoes  VA  24441  USA"  Western Union will then give a transaction number which needs to e-mail to us at   We need that transaction number so that we can pick up the money here.

PayPal is no longer available as a way to send donations to All The World Missions, as their fees have increased. We have also heard of some ministries having difficulty getting their money from their PayPal account.